Flint Shadowfang


Clan Shadowfang (Flint Shadowfang)
Age: 33 years.
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Alignment: Good
Deity: Melora, but primarily nature itself.


Birthplace: The forest land controlled by the Clan Shadowfang. The closest town to this
area would be Durotar, a hut-town built up from swamplands. The Shadowfang land is
well outside of populated, civilized zones, however (approx 50 miles of isolation from
population centers).

Hometown: The Shadowfang lands. The clan is small, typically between 15-25 members.
They are a nomadic group that frequently rotates from place to place during season

Occupation: Primarily a hunter and trapper, like all men of the Shadowfang Clan. Pelts,
hides, meat, oils, bone carvings, arrowheads and other related sundry are typically sold
to the Elves located in the region about once per month. The Clan alternates between
traveling and stationary sales. Once Flint tapped into his druidic powers, some in his clan
began seeking his guidance in spiritual matters, as they saw his keen ability to merge with
nature, and appear to channel its powers through him.


- Believes strongly in the natural order of things.
- Will generally avoid verbal conflict so long as each party shows respect.
- Will fight to protect nature, the planet, harmony, balance, etc.

- Rejects most notions of materialism, often to the detriment of the bonds of
friendship. His belief in the natural order of things makes it difficult to understand some
worldly pursuits. Respect, duty, and prayer are their own rewards.

- In downtime, enjoys the trance states of some mushrooms, exotic tobaccos and
plants. Flint will tell you this helps him tap into the land; to listen and further understand
the world within. Many of his elder clansmen feel as if he may spend too much time in
meditation, chants, and trance.

Mild social anxiety around larger groups ( approx. 100+ humanoids in a location).
Technology and undead magic (i.e. things Flint would see as “unnatural”).

Flint Shadowfang, son of Razor and Ramona Shadowfang grew up in the wilds.
Shifters believe their ancestors were animals themselves, so as a shifter, Flint learned to
tap into his savage roots. At a young age he was trained as a prolific spear hunter, one who
respects the delicate relationship between predator and prey. His clan only takes what they
need from nature, nothing more. The Shadowfang Clan takes the head of a panther as its
banner sigil, as a sign of respect for the panthers that live in the deep forests near their
homeland. The clan adapted their pack hunting methods from observing panthers hunt
throughout the years. Prowling, circling, and exploding onto their prey is the Shadowfang
way. In his late teens Flint went before the elders of the clan when it became clear he had
tapped into a deeper bond with nature during a pre-hunt prayer. Druidic powers are rare,
but not surprising to the Shadofang Clan. They have had one or two among their ranks as
far back as memory can recall. Flint received training from the sole Druid in the camp,
Cleave. Cleave showed Flint how to truly become one with nature, being able to channel
some weather effects through him, as well as the Wild Shape power, which lets Flint
become a Panther! It took years of training and discipline, but Flint is now able to control
these powers at-will. After spending his early adulthood training, hunting, trapping, and
trading, Flint is off on his own, as many of his Clan do at his age. He seeks new lands, new
creatures, and new tales – one day to return to the Shadowfang lands with great tales and
knowledge for his people.

Flint Shadowfang

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