Winter Dream


Winter was born during the Great Storm of Ava-lun in the village of Xforia within the Former Kingdom of Rotier. Her father, Commander Jason Dream, died days before she was born in the final battle of Rotier against the Kingdom of Castria. Her mother was murdered in front of her by soldiers of Castria when she was 12. Winter escaped, but passed out three weeks later from exhaustion and malnutrition.Blujian, goblin wizard from Equador, raised Winter as his own. She learned magical illusions and when Blujian died she joined the Zillow Goblin Army at 18. Her training prepared her for war and she became known as the deadliest soldier with a knife. Winter fought in the Siege of Castria, where the Goblin Army killed every inhabitant and claimed the kingdom as their own. After her four year tour of duty was finished, Winter hitched a ride on a rig to Abaia Nuul where her destiny awaits.

Winter believes in revenge and has rage issues. During the Siege of Castria, she killed every family member of the soldiers who murdered her mother as they watched. When done, she tortured those soldiers for over a two weeks. Even with her evil tendencies Winter does have some virtues. She did build a strong relationship with Blujian and the other goblins and her loyalty to those she trusts matches no one. Now that every resident of Castria is dead, Winter fears nothing and has no enemies.

Winter is 6’ tall and 150 pounds. She has silver/blond hair and blue eyes, which turn red when on a revenge rampage. She generally wears form fitting chain mail and carries a dagger. Winter very attractive, well spoken, and liked by almost everyone she meets. She has no family or home, but has built such strong ties with her former caretakers that she refuses to kill any member of the Zillow Goblin faction.


Winter Dream

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