The Alizarin City

The Red City; The Iron City; The City of Blood;

The largest city in Kem, full of riches and destitution, nobility and poverty. Built on an arid plain carved out by rivers, with sheer cliff faces overlooking The Whistling Sea. Subterranean passages (dungeons) worm their way through the city's underbelly. The entrances/exits to some of these can be seen in the cliff faces above the rivers.

The city is run by a complex hierarchy of noble families:

  1. Morg (secretly, Rama); Control: port, entertainment
  2. Shain; Temples, religion
  3. Brigg; mountain pass

- Main Street runs the length of the city, from the Eastern Gates, to the Docks.
- Buildings get taller as you approach the city center, but none are taller than 7 stories
- The streets in the city center are much wider, narrowing down as they radiate outward.
- Six main streets converge in the center: []
- Clockwise from the northernmost temple: 

- The air above Main Street is lined with small balconies, clotheslines, wheat pasted posters of [insert gods’ names]
- most buildings are two or three stories, a few are more, a few are less.
- Max height is 7 floors
- The building façades are angled back slightly, about ~5 degrees.
- narrow stairs are built into the buildings’ façades.
- Most don’t have rails, but since the faces lean back, you can lean against the walls for stability.
- Merchants, farmers, grocers, food purveyors, artisans, craftspeople, etc. line the streets
- Most have small pull carts loaded with goods
- The hubbub is tangible in the air, and you can smell the livestock, food, rubbish, filth, etc. 

The Alizarin City

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